Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

How is reading instruction going for you? If you're like me, then you're being bombarded with so many different approaches right now. We are currently moving towards the science of reading, though it is a bumpy ride, as it is new for us. We are excited and energized for this approach and ready to jump in head first. 

 I have already tried to incorporate new strategies into my reading instruction. I have also gotten away from encouraging readers to use clues like pictures, meaning and sentence structure to "guess" words.  

To help my students during reading instruction, I have created these reminder posters. Say goodbye to "flippy the dolphin" (because who knows what that means anyway) and say hello to clear, concise, and specific reminders for readers! 

I print mine on cardstock on full pages to laminate and display in the classroom. We refer to them often while reading.  

I also print (6 pages per sheet) and laminate for reading to take home and keep with the books they borrow from the classroom.

They're not perfect, but they are simple! They have helped clue readers in on what they truly need to be focusing on - scanning a word from left to right, considering the letters and sounds they hear, blending sounds and listening to their voices. These have worked well in kindergarten!  


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