Kindergarten Morning Work Freebie

Ready to go beyond traditional kindergarten morning work?

Introduce play to your morning routine and have students work with hands-on activities that improve fine motor skills throughout the school year.

Let's switch kindergarten morning WORK to kindergarten morning PLAY with a simple, yet organized structure.

These are just a few reasons these free resources are great for your kindergarten students:

  • Save Time - Just print this resource, use sign holders or laminations, then pair with play tools and your students are ready for kindergarten morning play. Tool labels and Google Slide png images are included!
  • Start with Positivity - Making play a focus in your morning routine positively impacts your kindergarten students' growth and sense of belonging!
  • Practice Creativity - Go beyond worksheets and introduce new activities that engage students with math, independent play, and more.

Grade Levels: PreK - 1st

Subjects: English Language Arts, Math, Back to School
Resource Type: Activities, Printables, Centers
Formats Included: PDF

How is it used?

Print and put weekly challenges in sign holder/frames or laminate and display in the area that play tools will be used

Set up play bins with labels and display choices on classroom screen during morning unpacking

Display poster outside classroom door to share that "We start our day with PLAY!"

Who is it for?

Teachers who love helping students start the day with play!

Learners are all ages - challenges are "low floor, high ceiling" and can be used to invite creativity for a wide range of learners


  • 20 different challenges
  • 5 play bin labels - Legos (bricks), blocks, Brain Flakes (flakes), Play Doh (dough), art
  • 6 PNG images
  • Printable Poster

What's Included

  • 20 different challenges - 4 for each play item, 4 weeks of challenges
  • 5 play bin labels - Legos (bricks), blocks, Brain Flakes (flakes), Play Doh (dough), art
  • 6 PNG images to put on your morning screen during unpacking - above play tools included, in addition to reading on the rug (as many students love choosing this as a way to start their day)
  • A poster that states, "We start our day with Play!"

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