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Student Made Classroom Birthday Display

Student Made Classroom Birthday Display


PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st


For All Subject Areas and Back to School


Bulletin Board Ideas and Posters



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Looking for a classroom birthday display that celebrates a student's birthday and builds community?

Then my Student Made Classroom Birthday Display is for you!

Get ready to turn "my" classroom into "our" classroom as you amp up student ownership with this resource.

Here's why many teachers prefer celebrating students birthdays with this co-created birthday display:

Start on Day 1

Many students are ready to start co-constructing the classroom on the first day of school.

Let them create their classroom environment on Day 1 with this classroom birthday display!

Build Community

With this classroom birthday display, your students build community by creating decor for they'll spend months learning in.

Whether it's a birthday bulletin board or a simple birthday chart, providing students an opportunity to take ownership of their classroom environment is empowering!

Introduce Tools

Use this student-created birthday display to teach guided discovery of popular classroom tools and materials.

It's a great opportunity to learn and practice using tools, all while creating the classroom environment together.

Review Material

The value of this classroom birthday display doesn't end when students finish creating it.

Give them a role in setting up the birthday board display or putting together the birthday chart.

This is a great introductory or review lesson.

As an added bonus, lesson ideas like this are included in this resource!

How do I use this classroom birthday display?

I'm extremely passionate about co-constructing the classroom with my students, as well as helping other teachers do the same.

These birthday displays include detailed directions, along with helpful tips and additional ideas.

  1. Use the clear, guided pictures included to help both you and your students navigate the creating process. This includes writing students' names and birthday for each month.

  2. Students will be inspired to think, plan, gather materials, trace, color, and reflect. The guides included with the birthday displays will also help lead your students through the discovery process of exploring new classroom materials.

  3. With the birthday displays completed, use the ideas included for inspiration on how to display the posters on the birthday board or anywhere in your classroom. (With the help of your students of course!)

For anyone following The First Six Weeks of School, this classroom birthday display is a great back to school activity.

Who is it for?

I created this resource with pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students in mind.

Your students will love the task of creating their classroom environment!

These student made classroom birthday displays were also created with teachers in mind.

Teachers interested in making the classroom more student-centered or looking for new back to school lessons.


  • 2 different options to choose from!

  • Option 1 - seasonally themed classroom birthday display

  • Option 2 - birthday cakes with candles

  • All pages include traceable images and traceable font for students

  • Detailed directions for implementation

  • Picture guide to help students create posters with craftsmanship

  • EDITABLE - templates provided through Google Slides - text is editable - font is KG Primary Dots in light gray

What's Included

  • Detailed directions for the creation process + picture directions to show students

  • Seasonally themed display with traceable month and traceable images

  • Seasonally themed display with traceable month and black outline image for coloring only) if your students do not yet have the stamina to trace the image

  • Birthday Cake themed display with traceable month and image

  • Birthday Cake themed display with traceable month and black outline image (for coloring only) if your students do not yet have the stamina to trace the image

  • 3 different title options - portrait, landscape and banner

  • Google Slides link for you to EDIT text in the templates

This student created birthday display will allow your students to access the voice and ownership they've always wanted and deserved. Classroom decor is not meant to be printed, cut and laminated all before the classroom's main inhabitants arrive - it is meant to be co-constructed with those who will come to love the space and community! This alphabet set will allow you and your students to create something special together - for your shared space.

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