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Modern Student Made Classroom Decor Bundle

Modern Student Made Classroom Decor Bundle


PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd


Classroom Management, Back to School, and Classroom Community


Activities, Printables, and Posters



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This classroom decor bundle helps create a stunning learning environment where students contribute to the classroom decorations.

I use these exact classroom decorating ideas to give my students ownership over their learning environment. 

With this student made classroom decor bundle, your students take part in creating a modern classroom theme with bright colors while building community.

  • Grade Levels: PreK - 2nd (Mostly used with Kindergarten)
  • Subjects: Classroom Management, Back to School, Classroom Community
  • Resource Type: Activities, Printables, Posters
  • Formats Included: Zip

Why this product over other classroom decor bundles? 

  • First Day Ready - Use the alphabet posters featured in this classroom decor bundle on the first day of school! Young learners are itching for student-led activities on Day 1 and this bundle lets them get busy constructing classroom decorations.
  • Community Focused - Giving your students ownership over the classroom decoration process is a great way to build community during the first few weeks of school. They love creating the space they'll spend the school year learning in!
  • Teach Tools - Teaching resources should provide opportunities to teach guided discoveries when possible. This classroom decor bundle also serves as an introduction to popular classroom tools and materials for students through practice.
  • Bonus Lesson Ideas - Compliment your lesson plans with introductory lesson ideas included in this bundle! After your students create the alphabet posters, invite them to help you put the letters or numbers in order.

How is this classroom decor bundle used?

  • Included in this bundle are detailed directions with helpful hints and ideas as well. I'm passionate about giving students ownership over classroom decoration and helping other teachers do the same!
  • Using clear, guided pictures will help students navigate creating classroom decorations.
  • While working on classroom decorations, students are directed to think, gather materials, plan, trace, color, and reflect. These teaching resources also help lead young learners through guided discovery of new classroom materials through exploration.
  • This bundle includes bulletin board ideas and other inspiration on how to display posters in the room - with the help of your students!
  • Consider this in your Back-to-School lesson plans if you follow The First Six Weeks of School.

Who is it for? - 

  • I created this resource with pre-K, kindergarten, and early elementary students in mind.
  • This resource was also created with teachers in mind - teachers who are interested in making the classroom more student-centered or even interested in trying out new Back to School lessons

Features -

  • All resources include both traceable fonts AND traceable images - as a way to scaffold the activities for large groups of young learners
  • Detailed directions and pictures to guide you and students
  • A manageable way to try co-constructed classroom decor
  • EDITABLE - All resources feature editable text in case you'd like to change the language or verbiage!

What's Included

  • Alphabet Posters
  • Classroom Birthday Display
  • Shape Posters
  • Calendar
  • Library Labels
  • Supply Labels
  • Hand Signal Posters
  • Schedule Cards
  • Number Posters
  • Job Display
  • Weather Display
  • Bathroom Posters
  • 100's Chart Pieces
  • Name Plates

Growing Bundle will soon also include

  • Welcome Sign
  • Desk Name Plates
  • 100's Chart Pieces
  • Color Posters
  • 5x3 Supply Labels

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    Are all files editable?

    If a resource is editable, it will be clearly stated in the description. Editable files allow you to make changes to text so it suits your classroom needs. To edit files, you'll need the latest version of PowerPoint.

    How do I access the resource after purchase?

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    What are your terms of use?

    This product by Inquiry Garden is copyrighted for single classroom or caseload use only. This product may not be resold and can only be copied for personal use within a classroom only. If you have questions, please email